Enter the code and receive credit between 5€ and 15€.


Order food delivered at your doorstep!

Wolt food delivery offers food delivered at your home from more than 100 different restaurants in your area. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep within 20 to 40 minutes*.
You can download the Wolt app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The installation of the app is free of charge.
Enter the code below for 5€ or 15€ of credit when registering or in your profile.

Wolt food delivery app

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  1. Click on the link above to download the WOLT app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Register, type in the "Y6MUTZ6" WOLT PROMO CODE, and €5 bonus will be added to your account immediately, which you can use for any order, including the first one.
  3. Browse through more than 100 restaurants and choose what you want to eat.
  4. Submit your order and pay safely with Android Wallet, Apple Pay or with a bank card.
  5. Wait between 20to 40 minutes for the WOLT courier to deliver the ordered food at your doorstep and hand it over safely and contactless.

Use WOLT Promo Code to get Wolt credits for first order



  1. Download Wolt app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Fill your data.
  3. Enter promo code "Y6MUTZ6" on registration or in your profile to get up to 15 € of Wolt Credits
  4. Order some food and enjoy.

Please note, that Wolt Promo codes are valid only for new users! If you allready used one, you cannot use it again.


You can enter the promo code the first time you sign in to the app.

If you did not enter it at the time of registration, you can add it later under the tab "MY PROFILE" by clicking on "ENTER PROMO CODE". Enter the "Y6MUTZ6" promotional code in the blank box and €5 will be immediately added to your account.

You can use it for any order, including the first one, regardless of the price of your order.

You can use the Wolt promo code (coupon) within 30 days of registration.



About WOLT

With Wolt, discovering and ordering the best food in your city becomes piece of cake. Whatever you want, we deliver it to your door. You just pick a restaurant, choose the most appealing dish and slide to order - we’ll do the rest!

No time to cook? We understand you. At Wolt, we are experts in the best gourmet experiences and restaurants in cities around the world. Let it be a gourmet burger, an oven baked pizza, spicy tacos, fresh sushi or any other delicious snack you want right now - with 8900+ restaurants we can satisfy every wish you could have.

The Wolt app allows you to track your order at any time, from the moment the chef begins preparing your meal, all the way until the moment the courier rings at the door. If you have any questions, our customer support is at your disposal all the time, and they take every issue very seriously. A team of friendly and helpful individuals will respond to your message within a few seconds, and they will be fully committed to resolving your issue. To make ordering food as simple as possible, you can pay for it with a credit or debit card, as well as with Apple or Google pay. Choose, order and enjoy.

The app is available for free in the  Apple APP store or Google Play store.

Use the code for €5

Enter the promo code when you log in to the application for the first time, or later in the app under the "MY PROFILE" tab, by clicking on "ENTER PROMO CODE" and typing in the "Y6MUTZ6" promo code in the empty box (without quotation marks), and €5 will be immediately added to your account, which you can use for any order, including the first one, regardless of the price of your order. You will be able to take advantage of the discount immediately, without waiting.

Wolt is a free mobile app for ordering food with your phone or computer. Wolt delivers food to homes in the areas of Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Kranj.

You can use the discount / coupon within 30 days of registration.

Wolt provides home delivery within 35 minutes of ordering. There are many offers in the app: weekend offers, free delivery, free promo codes, 1 + 1 gratis, etc.